Will the Human Rights push Ghana at a tight corner to accept LGBT?

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There has been a bone of contention altogether as Ghana is in the middle of accepting or not accepting LGBT in the country. A whole lot of media pundits have shared their views about this issue. Some are saying the help that comes from the foreign Countries will cut in case Ghana did not approve.

Over the years, there has been an issue concerning this matter as to approving or not. Ghana is country where people donot joke with their religion. There are three main religion in Ghana that it Christianity, Islamic and Traditional. All these religions despite their beliefs strongly frown at this act.

Now people are gathering the courage to come publicly to say they belong to this group because of how some people are advocating for them. These LGBT society now see that, it is their right but despite everything, it is illegal to practise in Ghana and one can be dealt with severely if caught in the act. So the question is, will Ghana be pushed at a tight corner because of their so called human rights?

With my point of view, there is no country that operate or pass a bill without the scope of government. And aside that, now one can push any authority to forcibly accept if we are not ready to. So Ghana is not under any pressure and other no circumstance will the council of elders as well as the religious leaders will give the go ahead to approve. We strongly believe that, the citizenry is against this act and will never back the idea of approving it.

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