DateMyFamily: People Want To Locate Bianca From Date My Family, See This

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There is just something about Date My Family that makes everything interesting, we had some interesting characters in the previous episodes and one can definitely look forward to seeing different people this coming Sunday.

As it was mentioned before, the families on the show always do something that will either get people to love or hate them.

And the dates with the families were not bad at all in the latest episode, which is something that the viewers rarely see, usually, the families are very judgemental. Now, there is this one person who caught people's attention, which was not much of a surprise because there was just something about her.

The lady's name is Bianca and she is a friend from one of the bachelorettes' families. As always, the viewers thought that there should be some appreciation posts about her and this is simply because she is beautiful.

During and after the show, there were screenshots of her pictures making rounds on social media, the viewers wanted to know more about her and probably see more of her.

She most likely got a lot of followers on Twitter after the latest episode of the show ended, within minutes, she was retweeting tweets about her and these were just compliments.

She obviously could not keep up, she managed to do a few retweets, this got to a point where some people even wanted to locate her.

Now, it may seem like these were men who wanted to take her out, the attention was on her for a few hours and one thing that people probably loved is the fact that she was interacting with the people who were complimenting her.

There was one guy who wanted to know her social media handles and she gave them to him. And she actually seemed like a nice person, even on the show, one could tell that she was down to earth, she is nothing like what some people are used to.

As expected, there were people who made some assumptions about the person she is, there is one lady who mentioned that Bianca is a “girlfriend allowance” type of a girl. But this is what always happens, it is not a new thing, the lady is a viewer and she was bound to say a thing or two about what she thought about Bianca.

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