You have Proved To Us That Your God's Are Powerless- Pep Donkor Tells Agradaa

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The banter between Prophetess Pep Donkor and Agradaa seems seems not to end anytime soon. Just this morning Pep Donkor on her Facebook page, has replied Agradaa on what she (Agradaa) told her (Pep Donkor) on thunder television.

Pep Donkor said that if truly Agradaa is powerful why will she go to some people for protection and not her gods that she claims they are powerful on the earth. All your secret will be revealed and Ghanaians will know that you do not have anything but through your knowledge you dupe people for money. Pep Donkor added.

If you claim am your mother come and use your feet to clean my face and stop bragging. You said you have put me in a cage of which I cannot talk but I want to tell you that am out from that cage. Pep Donkor jabbed Agradaa.

Pep Donkor said she will continue to reveal Agradaa's secret one by one and everyone will know what Agradaa is capable of doing when it comes to the knowledge of duping people to take their money from them.

Watch full video as Pep Donkor blast Agradaa

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