Kenyans Condemn Media Houses for Fueling the War Among Leaders after The Star Writes this


As Kenya splits along the political divides ahead of the August 2022 general elections, Kenyans are supposed to maintain national unity and avoid all sorts of hate speech.This can only be done when there is no incitements on social media against any political leader and/or political party.

Following the tweet of Itumbi on the Star Newspaper heading for Wednesday 30, he says this will continue bringing hatred and conflicts among the leaders since what the Star writes are romours and they are not true accounts of the reality.

According to the Star, all the guards belonging to the Deputy President William Ruto have been kicked out of President Kenyatta's team following the current political differences between the two top national leaders. However, Kenyans have dismissed it saying that the headline is politically influenced. Here are some of the comments.

Do you agree that the media houses in Kenya have been spreading news that do not promote national unity and cohesion? Please share with us what can be best done to avert this.