70 Trucks Of Goods Belonging To An NPP Guru Impounded In Bawku–Kwame Owusu Danso


Today on Pan African TV, a veteran journalist called Kwame Owusu Danso revealed that 70 trucks of goods have been seized in Bawku.

In reacting to the current increments in taxes by the government, he said that not all Ghanaians suffer tax increments since some fall under tax evasion category. And so most of these people make the tax payer suffer different forms of tax increments.

According to him, these particular goods which were supposed to have exported through the Bawku border to Togo have been stamped down by state authorities because the owner of these goods failed to fulfil his tax obligation and hence could not export the goods out of the country.

He said the trucks of goods have been kept in a big warehouse in Bawku. He also revealed that these goods belong to the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Bawku who is now meeting big names like Vice president Bawumia, the Nayiri for their interventions before the goods can be released.

"You know some of these people would refuse to do the right but when they are caught, they begin to invoke their Political connections for favour"

However, he said, as a journalist, he will keenly follow this particular story to core to make sure that every single thing will be exposed to the full glare of the general public.

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