Everyone thought he was the most powerful man in Nigeria


Since Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential election in 2015, and the most powerful person in Nigeria, should be the president but the reverse was the case. Buhari spent most of his time, outside the country on medical check ups in the United Kingdom, and was hardly seen in public. The only person that represented him was his chief of staff Abba Kyari, whom people decided he was the one who holds the power from the beginning of Buhari's ruling till the day he died.

There was every possibility Abba Kyari held great power in Nigeria, he knew the president way back and they have been great friends since 1975. Abba Kyari was in control of everything, he didn't need the president order to do anything, instead he controlled everything going on within the presidential villa. But in real life there are no evidence to say these are true about Abba Kyari, since there are no evidence to what has been said about him, its considered fake, and there are no facts to back them up.

President Buhari in a speech at Chatham House in 2015, during his campaign for the presidency, stated that much of his thinking changed with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. It is not to hard to believe that one of the noticeable influences on Buhari’s economic thinking was Abba Kyari, who also happened to have Served as his economic adviser.

Buhari implemented the following during the time Abba Kyari was with him: N-Power, school feeding program, Conditional cash transfer e.t.c. These programs were the largest investment scheme in Nigeria, yet it was not enough, because Nigeria still lives in abject poverty with many people still jobless.

The thinking that Abba Kyari controlled the governance of Nigeria, is to tell us that actors are more important in decision making in Nigeria. Even with the death of Abba Kyari, we can still see the government reactions to things happenings are still the same no changes.

I will love to know your opinion, do you think Abba Kyari was the most powerful person in Nigeria government?.

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