Is this fashion really coming for men? Opinion

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So is that time already upon us? or is it still coming? where we are going to see man dressing the skirts for ladies. This is really abominable and frustrating to see many dressing in skirts.

I understand that in Scotland they do that, but that is their culture. It is just that it is a problem where I see a lot of black people trying to embrace and imitate western cultures. This kind of dressing should not be justified. It wouldn't surprise us looking at other factors at play, because if one can manage to marry another man, and do whatever he is doing with a man like as if he is a woman. Kissing a man like he's kissing a woman.

Wearing women's clothes is a small thing, may the Lord help us, because we are really reaching at the edge and we are about to fall over. I understand that people were asking personal questions, if God can I really burn his people. If God can really create fire to burn his own creation. Hell was never for people, it was for the devil and the demons, but the people that have chosen to be enticed by these spirits, they will go to hell with them.

A friend of a thief is a thief, as the Bible says in iron sharpens an iron. There is no way in which a person can be a best friend with a thief and when he is not one. The Bible says can two walk together unless they agree.

So if you agree to work with the devil, you will go to hell. This world the enemy is implementing all kinds of immorality that can irritate God, and all kinds that can say make God angry and now we are constantly provoking God with our ways.

We are constantly provoking God by the things that we are doing to each other. We are constantly provoking God by our behaviour. The Lord has given us His holy book. He showed us how we should live with one another, and how we should behave. The Bible is a book that supports morality. It is the book that, if it is followed, our community will be very safe, but we have decided to believe that it was written by a man who was a trying to control us.

We just believing that, so that we can be able to do things that are gratifying our desires. Look where that get us now. We are totally lost, we are killing each other. We are stealing from each other. Ee are raping each other, we are disrespecting each other, because we have decided to dishonor the book that has an instruction on how a man should live on Earth.

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