‘Mistrust In Political Leadership’ - Pratt Gives Reasons Why Many Are Rejecting The COVID-19 Vaccine

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Renewed Ghanaian journalist and the managing editor at the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr in reaction to the arrival of the first batch of the COVID-19 Vaccine made In India have tell the main reasons why many Ghanaians are rejecting the usage of the Vaccine.

Speaking on the Vaccine, Pratt reveals that in as much as many are not ready to take the vaccine, he started that he’s ever ready to take the vaccine if given the opportunity to do so.

Having said that, he touched on the reason why many Ghanaians have rejected the usage of the COVID-19 vaccine even though the case count is rising massively as each and every day Ghana records more than 500 new cases.

According to Mr Pratt, having a conversation with Dr. Oko Boye who is the Board Chairman of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and a licensed medical practitioner who holds BSC in Human Biology, Medicine and Surgery from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, he reveled that, not less that 67% of respondents says they don’t want the vaccine and their reasons are exceedingly interesting.

“.. What we have are not mix feelings, the vast majority of our people are rejecting the vaccine, there is an empirical study that has been done by Dr. Oko-Boye and I've had a conversation with Dr. Oko-Boye about his study and Dr. Oko-Boye feels me that as many as 67% of respondents says they don’t want the Vaccines and reasons why they don’t want the Vaccines are exceedingly interesting..” Pratt said

He However listed some reasons why they rejected the Vaccines and it includes Total Mistrust in the Political leadership.

According to Kwesi Pratt, the people do not trust the leadership and they are willing to take the vaccine only if the leaders of the county will publicly take the vaccine to prove it effect and give them reasons to take the vaccine without fear.

“...Mistrust in the political leadership is one of the reasons. People say if we will take the vaccine, let our leaders take it first. I think the people are justified in their mistrust in the political leaders.”

Kwesi Pratt added that, history of medicine is also a major reason why Ghanaians are rejecting the vaccine as he set an example to justify their reasons.

According to him, it could be recalled that, during the fight of Syphilis, many Africans were destroyed in a scientific test where Africans were used as guinea pig leading to the death of many innocent souls hence they have legitimate grounds to reject the Vaccines.

...History Of medicine, if you take the fight against syphilis for example, many many Africans were destroyed in the scientific test and so on to discover the cure for syphilis. Africans and Latinos were deliberately targeted and destroyed. So when people say we can not trust this people, there is a basic in history, in history of medical science that, we Africans heave been used as guinea pigs, Latinos have been used and guinea pigs, Indians have been used as guinea pigs leading to the death and distraction of many many hundreds of thousands of people and so on. So they also have legitimate grounds.” Pretty noted.

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