Fiction: Nobody knows tomorrow

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My name is Mr Andrew Ogbe, hailed from Aguleri in Anambra State. I have first class in Industrial chemistry but currently doing a manual job to sustain my family due the current state of our country.

There was this young guy I normally help, his name is Mr Augustine from Enugu State. He called me this afternoon trying to find out if am at home but due to the way things are going with me I told him am not at home.

But immediately I stepped out of my door guess what I saw, a man lying down on the corridor holding an envelope. I was very shocked to see him asleep beside my door waiting for me to come back.

I felt guilty and walked towards him with the thought to give him the 500 naira out of the 2000 naira I have with me without knowing that he has another motive.

He was so excited to see me when I tapped him he said" Sir am very sorry I don't know when I sleept off, are you just returning?" I responded Yes is there any problem?.

Mr Augustine laugbhed and handed over an envelope, low and behold this envelope contains letter of appointment to resume work by Monday in an oil company in Lagos as the assistant manager with a car key and we'll finished apartment.

Then I asked him to stop joking with me and he said," sir this is for you. I returned back to my father and explained everything to him, he decided to make you his assistant manager. Thank you sir for being there for me during this lockdown.

Please what do you think about this, should I accept the offer or not. Please your opinion is needed. kindly use the comment box to share your opinion and don't forget to like and share this post for others.

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