Talented Kidz Reality Show: Dj Switch Or Maame Esi- Who Is The Most Beautiful And Talented?


This article is to recognize the hard work of two young Ghanaian celebrities who have achieved success as a result of their efforts. 

Also, thank you to the Talented Kidz Show for bringing out this young and beautiful children's hidden talent.

Erica Tandoh is a 9-year-old girl who began her career as a Disc Jockey at a young age and excels at it. The youngster is hailed as one of the most talented children in the world when it comes to mixing high-quality music. DJ Switch, a youngster who spins like a pro, has been causing a stir in Ghana.

While the number of children Djing in Africa is increasingly increasing, Erica Armah Tandoh stands out. Her work is remarkable, but her career choice is unusual, as most children her age in the country only show talent in areas such as dancing, singing, rapping, poetry recitals, and so on. 

She shows her originality on the turntables, as seen on the reality show Talented Kidz.

Maame Esi Awotwe, a Ghanaian child star who won the 2011 TV3 talented Kids, a children's reality show, has seen her dreams come true. 

Maame Esi has released her first single track "dreams," a song written by missing musician Castro and recorded by Kaywa and Shar, nearly four years after winning the show.

DJ Alordia, CEO of Alordia Promotion, is the director of the film, which was shot in the United Kingdom. 

Esi has recorded songs with TV3's youngest members, including Tutulapato, Awal, and Enoch Darko.

In the album, the young singer says that all of her pain is gone, and she is no longer afraid to say that she is living her dreams, despite all of the hardships and obstacles she has faced, thanks to Almighty God.

Who’s your favorite among the two?

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