What you need to know about the deadly HIV virus infection that is killing people worldwide


HIV virus is called the human immunodeficiency virus. It first originated from chimpanzee in central Africa. The chimpanzee version of the virus was called the simian immunodeficiency virus. This virus was passed to humans when they ate food and drank water containing the SIV.

It started in the 1920's in the Democratic republic of Congo. The first man to have gotten this virus was ken Horne, he got to know by visiting the center for disease control with Kaposi sarcoma, one of the symptoms of the virus.

The symptoms of HIV include weight loss,diarrhea and vomiting, lymphadenopathy,oral candidiasis, tuberculosis among others.

There are 5 stages of HIV infection, We have the stage 1 to the stage 5.

Stage one is when you have gotten the infection, stage 2 is when u have gotten the infection but with no symptoms, stage 3 is when there is symptoms, stage 4 and stage 5 is when it has progressed to AIDS. That is the end stage. At this stage,there would be recurrent infections.

The virus attacks the immune system, making it very difficult for the body to fight diseases.

It can be transmitted through sex,infected blood,shared syringes.

Treatment include Anti retroviral therapy.

Please let us all try to know our status.

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