Hawks To Make Another Covid-19 Corruption Arrest On Thursday

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THE Hawks have affirmed that another capture identified with Covid-19 defilement will be made on Thursday. 

Top of the Hawks Lieutenant-General Godfrey Lebeya disclosed to Scopa that they were increasing their examinations concerning Covid-19 misrepresentation and debasement and more cases are not out of the ordinary. 

He said the most recent capture would occur on Thursday, yet didn't give further subtleties. 

He said they had been overwhelmed with cases after the evaluator general started examinations a couple of months prior. 

"We have to show that there is a deluge of cases originating from the reviewer general," said Lebeya. 

The A-G has in the course of recent months explored billions of rand worth of PPE contracts granted to different organizations. 

A portion of the cases researched were connected to the plundering of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The A-G had discovered that numerous individuals who shouldn't profit had drained the UIF. 

Lebeya said they needed to facilitate the cases they were examining with the goal that the work they were doing on different agendas didn't get lost in an outright flood. 

However, National Prosecuting Authority head Shamila Batohi claimed for additional assets for both the NPA and the Hawks to manage these cases. 

She said the spending cuts would compromise crafted by the NPA and the Hawks. 

The NPA has gotten a financial plan of R4.5 billion and the Hawks a financial plan of R2.1bn, however Batohi said this was insufficient to manage these cases. 

"I can't underscore that it is so pivotal to have the spending that we need. On the off chance that these cuts are actualized we won't have the option to enroll (individuals) for 500 posts," said Batohi. 

She said both the Hawks and NPA required the assets to have the option to brace down on debasement.


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