Beautiful Photos of Ruth Matete With her Dad Abel Amunga

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Parenthood is amazing. It is a journey once you embark on it there is no turning back. Yes, once you decide to be a parent it is a lifetime job. Your child will remain to be a baby to you regardless of his or her years. Before a person decides to bring a child into this world they should really think if they are ready for the lifetime duties.

Ruth Matete and her dad Abel Amunga are inseparable. Ruth has a very close relationship with his daddy. She is daddy's little girl. On the other hand Abel Amunga is an amazing father. He is a man who has really defined the meaning of fatherhood. Abel has set a good example for other fathers to emulate. Ruth is often proud of her dad. Today she has posted photos of her dad with herself on her social media platforms. They look good together, captioning it with a wonderful message.

We can all agree that Ruth is blessed to have Abel as her daddy. Have a look at there photos. As fans we wish them all well.

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