Heavy Tundra "Paaa". Ghanaians React to the Body of This Woman.


Lady by the name Vera was interviewed by DJ Nyame on SVTV Africa and the conversation was entirely humorous. According to Vera, the amount of attention that her buttocks attract men to her side is enormous.

Her backside is apparently huge and according to her, it is very difficult for her as men approach her day-in-day-out. A lot of vehicles also enter the gutters because the male drivers lost attention for continuously looking at her big backside.

This made Ghanaians react to her by saying:

Heavy Tundra paaa ooo

Yes, I love you very much

What is in the backside of these women that they don’t want to give us a break. What do they have that other women don’t have? This is diabolic.

Another user too said:

This is not an achievement black ladies think about creating something useful for society.

Inasmuch as we believe matters of the backside doesn’t boost the economy or give employment to the growing unemployed Ghanaians, we have to understand the fact that some Ghanaian men don’t mind dying for it.

I mean it has ruined nations, families, governance, dreams and destinies.


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