It is hard to say RIP to a 15 year old heartbroken brother paying last respect

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17 January 2022

Its hard to say Rest in peace to a 15 year old. Makonco brother of a 15 year old boy that died on a horrible car accident on the 17th morning on his way to school.

The taxi driver was speeding while the was traffic, one of the survers say that the accident happened because of reckless driving. The some wish the driver survived the crush so they can ask him the purpose of what he did on the road.

It was alleged that the driver was not drunk but clumsy on that day making unnecessary moves on the road, one of the moves resulted to a horrific crush with a bus that was moving on a smooth pase.

The brother pay his last respect to his younger brother as follows: "I know you fought and fought Bafo but at least you should've told me that this fight is way too much for you to handle rest mntakamama"

A family lost a smart boy on that accident it was said he had a bright future, he loved to always looking clean not only when he was going to school.

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