Reasons Why The Ban On Open Grazing Might Be A Blessing In Disguise To Herdsmen In The Country

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The incessant clashes between herders and farmers have been a cause for concern to the government. In a bid to curtail clashes in the future, many state governors are beginning to sign the Anti-Open grazing bill into law amidst mixed reactions from citizens. This law makes it criminal for herders to occupy private land and move around public areas with their livestock. 

However, the ban on open grazing might be a blessing in disguise to herders in the country due to the following reasons;

Firstly, the government might start building ranches for herders. With the recent ban on open grazing, governors especially those in the northern region will have no choice but to provide an alternative means of livestock rearing. In a recent report, Gov Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna State revealed that his state has embarked on a #10 billion ranch project to centralise all herders in the state. When this ranch is completed, herders of Kaduna origin living in the southern region might come back home to continue their business. In the nearest future, other states might follow suit.

Furthermore, numerous herders across the country might be sent abroad to learn modern livestock rearing methods, which will increase their productivity in the long run. The learnt skills can be passed to others via training.

Herders across the country shouldn't be pained about the recent ban on open grazing in some southern states, as it might be to their advantage.

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