Mzansi is stunned after finding out that also man have Pads

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Mzansi was left in shock after finding out man can also wear Pads.

Mzansi is still stunned after finding out that man can also use Pads, This came after a woman shared a photo of a Pads, asked that why are mans Pads so expensive. To many it was a surprise for the to find out that man can also use Pads.

Pads is commonly known to be something used by women for they're menstruations, And not man. But to our surprise man can also use Pads,

According to twitter users some said the pad is used by people who don't take breaks at they're work placed, and others came out to say that it to protect they're shorts from Urine droplets. Here are some of the comments shared by twitter users.

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