Nairobi Express Way Set to Make Nairobi Beautiful


The Nairobi city is changing so fast because of the new highway, Nairobi Express Way. This highway is said it was taught to be built 10 years but it had to cost ksh62 billion. The plan was stagnant because the government was broke.

Through China Roads and Bridge Corporation contractor we are able to see how fast and amazing the construction is going. In just few months the Nairobi Express Way is 70 percent finished. We are hopeful that by the end of 2021 December, it will be in use.

Although this is a big agenda to our country, to eliminate traffic congestion in Nairobi town and East Africa but a huge blow to future generation. This is additional and a big debt to our nation because we have borrowed so much from China.

Though China is very wise when it comes on helping other countries. It gaves us this huge debt because it used Mombasa Sea Port as a security. This explain that when we fail to pay this debt China will grab our Sea Port to pay herself.

The government therefore must think otherwise not to led our Sea Port grabbed. It has to employ the economist to come up with a wise plan to help our country pay this huge loan.

However, we love the Nairobi Express Way. It is a first time Highway never witnessed before in our nation. We hope it is going to reduce jams to 60 percent in Nairobi and East Africa, because Nairobi City is at the Centre.