Andile Ramaphosa Shares picture but People notice something else (Opinion)


Source: InstagramAndile Ramaphosa Shared a picture this morning of him in his home Office.

But unfortunately people where keen into some thing else rather that just seeing him sharing his picture with them.

Apparantly people saw that behind him in his office was a notice board, and on the notice board where pictures of him and his father when he was still a child.

This is something that comes as a shock to many people as Cyril Ramaphosa the President of South Africa, has never shared pictures of him and his first son Andile Ramaphosa while he was young.

Andile ramaphosa now is a successful businessman with tge help of his father we may never confirm that part but many have shared comments on how he has helped him.

For the time being ever since the President Cyril Ramaphosa started his term tgey both have been living together in Northern Cape, where Cyril's house/Range is based.

People where suprised to see that Andile Ramaphosa Has pictures of him and his father in such an Open Display, wish his father would do the same.