Mzansi Calling Sthembile To Leave Sakhile With Immediately Effect In #MinaNaweHouse Because Of This

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With immediate effect at #MinaNaweHouse, Mzansi has called on Sakhile to leave Sakhile with immediate effect.

Sthembile is being urged by Mzansi to leave Sakhile immediately in the #MinaNaweHouse by Mzansi.

In #minanawehouse, there was definitely no mending. They are relieved to be done with it. Lessons should be learned here only. I don't want to be in a toxic relationship like the ones I've seen here, and I don't want to be a victim of my own actions.

Sthembile is unable to recognize her own moral compass. Her value must be appreciated by me. Sakhile is squeezing every last drop of milk from her. I don't understand how Sithembile allows this child to disrespect her. A lot of people don't like being alone, so they just grab whatever they can get their hands on off the street and call it love.

Here, I'm hoping sthembile would learn to appreciate and value her own worth. For her children, she feels humiliated as Sakhile said that he would often come to her for sex and would occasionally discover her with someone else.

I used to go to Sthe for sex solely without even knowing her name for a long period of time, Sakhile tells the story. She's also a popular destination for men in the neighborhood who seek sex. Sakhile will continue to disregard Sakhile's cause because of the way she handles herself.

People are fixated on Atchar, but they're not paying attention to the bigger picture. Sakhile crap, needing cannabis money every day and eating five times a day, is tolerated by Sthembile, who refers to her as "Artchar" while he's there. As long as he didn't know her identity, they slept together for the entire year. Sakhile made a huge error of judgment with his archaar remark. I'm baffled by the outrage. However, we understand what he was attempting to communicate, despite the word's connotations.

I hope she has the courage to break up with him and learn to love herself in the process. Sakhile should not subject Sthembile to this level of humiliation. Those statements have broken my heart and left me feeling hopeless and defeated. Some pretend to love you while uttering such hurtful things to or about you. Yho, I'm ready to smack him in the face right now. I'm amazed she's still around, considering how much she needs to get out of here. He's been saying it for the past few days now.

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