Section of Egerton University Students Forced To Defer Due To The Following Reasons

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Egerton University is one of the top public universities in Kenya. Students in the institution have been left with tears after the administration has decided to defer those who have not completed their school fees automatically.

This semester has been one of the shortest semesters ever witnessed by the University Students in the country and it is due to this that many students have not been able to pay their school fees on time hence the portal was closed when they have not yet complied with finance.

The university management headed with vice chancellor Prof. Kibwage has however decided that any student who had not registered with finance when the portal closed, is supposed to defer his or her studies till the next academic year.

Following the notice released today by the student leader to all students on a WhatsApp chat is that, they have been pleading with the administration to allow those who paid fees after the closure of the portal, but their efforts have not yielded any fruit so the students have no other option but to deffer their studies.

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