Moses Kuria Grills the President for Attacking William Ruto and Blaming him For his Failures

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Moses Kuria has clapped back at president Uhuru Kenyatta for attacking Deputy President Ruto.Kuria said that how did president Uhuru Kenyatta expect Deputy president Ruto to work and yet Uhuru's family and cronies were a block on Ruto's way

In another post Moses Kuria has accused the president for being bitter of William Ruto after their relationship failed and William Ruto is doing better now even without the presidents support.

He has also accused the president for being angry at William Ruto because he has managed to bag supporters from Uhuru's strongholds which had made him bitter.

Kuria had also added that Uhuru is afraid of failing Raila odinga after he promised him votes from Mt Kenya and the turn of current events shows that Kenyans are not going to support him after how he has been driving the countries economy.

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