Husband disguised as Uber driver to catch wife cheating.


Marriage is said to be sweet when both partners trust themselves and feel secured. But in this modern word most people cheat due to their own personal reasons, which can be financial reasons, sexual satisfaction, less attention from one partner.

Some partners are very good in cheating and can lie to the extent that you tend to ask God if satan is even the real one or there is another one to come, which makes is very had to catch a cheating partner. As the cheating continue to sophisticated, the men also to be smarter. Some women are faster but some men are "hurry up".

This man is a good husband who has a good job and also do extra Uber business to support the his family. On this faithfully day, after his normal job, he decided to do his usual Uber and upon starting day, he got an Uber request to pick a passenger.

He drove to the location but before he got there, he identified his wife from a distance and quickly puts on his "hood" and nose mask which makes it harder to Identify him.

His wife and the man that requested for the ride got in the car and started romancing. The husband who was the Uber driver started to ask the man question about his relationship and to find out he is married or not.

The man told him he is not married and just only having fun with the woman with no plans to marry her. The guy also ask the driver of his married and he responded affirmative that he has been married for about 5years but his marriage is complicated at the moment.

All this will none of them recognize him until he finally reveal himself to the wife. The rest is in the video link below.