Ali was just over excited on the show. How can a Tico lift a Tunker?


Ali was just over excited on the show. How can a tico lift a tunker?

The Date Rush Re Union show was on last night and many fans were expecting even more drama yesterday as compared to last week because popular names such as Bella, Ali, Fatima, the Rastafarian guy, Sammy and the likes of Bibi were coming to the show.

Well there were drama but not up to that of last week. One high point though was Desmond and his date. These guys really touched many fans and showed real love on the show. They are the real definition of the show.

Now to the drama, Ali and his big nyash girl Shemima was on and as usual danced as partners to take their seats. Ali all of a sudden tried something funny. He tried to lift Shemima to the surprise of many. Well it didn't end quite well as both of them fell heavily on the ground. Ali was just over excited and he actually didn't know what was at stake there on the stage.


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