Plunder That TSC Committed When Transferring Teacher Omollo Which May Land It In Trouble.

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Ms Martha Omollo.

The teachers Service Commission is Constitutionally Mandated to register, hire, transfer and excercise disciplinary Control over teachers.

When effecting transfers, there is normally a procedure to follow as stipulated in TSC code of conduct.

Most transfers are undertaken after a request from teachers who may wish to change environment or move closer to their families.

However, sometimes the commission may initiate a transfer due to promotion or any other reason in Which case the affected teacher is given a disturbance allowance.

Last week, the commission transferred the Teachers pressure group (TPG) spokesperson Ms Martha Omollo from Nairobi to Transnzoia county.

Although the activist has indicated that she will be be moving to her new station on Monday as directed, she will be going to court to challenge TSC's Decision.

Below are the loopholes in TSC's transfer that Ms Omollo would like to exploit to have her way.

One, Omollo argues that the commission hasn't given her disturbance allowance as is the case to assist her in moving to her new Station.

Secondly, the proper procedure wasn't followed in effecting the transfer. Normally the letter is sent first to the county director, subcounty director then to the headteacher.

However, in her case according to what she told Sunday nation, the letter was brought by a TSC Officer directly to the head teacher who confirmed that Ms Omollo had been transferred on November 12.

She linked the transfer to her agitation against the poor Services of teachers's medical cover Aon minet.

“I received a call from TSC Nairobi County director through my headteacher who told me that I should be cautious of what I say to the media and that any issues I have I should go through the teachers’ unions,” she stated.

She however resumed her Duties assuming the call was just an attempt to intimidate her. However, in evening she received a letter of transfer which was delivered to the school by an official from TSC.

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