Sad News Of How The Western North Region, The Cocoa Hub Of Ghana Now Economically Deprived.


The Western North region and it's bank of natural resources is one of Ghana's Economic backbone. The region is notable for resources such as gold, bauxite, cocoa and others. Cocoa farming is the direct occupation to most of the natives in the region. It is the source of their economic empowerment and even the backbone to Ghana's Economy as a whole. It helps in the stabilisation of our currency when it's being exported in exchange of foreign currencies. Cocoa is indeed one the natural resources which has a lot of benefits to the country.

The tragedy to the Western North region when the swollen shoot of cocoa entered the region. This deadly plant disease is is a viral infection which is transmitted by melibugs. It is transmitted from one infected cocoa farm to the nearest one. The farmers were advised the cocoa health and extension division of the Ghana cocoa board to cut and replant the affected farm, but the farmers did not hear to these advise.

Looking at the nature of it transmission, it has been able to spread through the region and this has lead to a mass project by the government to help the farmers replant their farms. This project have led to the cutting of almost all the farms in the region. Since it is the major occupation in the region farmers now struggles with their source of livelihood. Below is the record and stats made by the cocoa swollen shoot virus disease control unite from 2006-2010 in the Western region as a whole.

Ghana despite many years of the cutting-out of infected trees and their 'contacts'. Records gathered by the cocoa swollen shoot virus disease control unit (CSSVDCU) indicate that between October 2006 and September 2010, 28,486,309 visibly infected and 'contact' cocoa trees were removed countrywide. Out of this number, 18,332,234 trees, representing 64.4%, were removed from Western North alone, while Western South accounted for 6.1% (for CSSVD control operations, the Western Region.