4 Romantic Ways You Can Apologize To Your Wife

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Conflict is inevitable. When two or more people are cohabitating under the same roof, whether family friends or even co-workers, there's bound to be conflict.

We have to come to terms with the fact that even after all the love confessions, infatuations, and romance married couples also have their share of conflict. How these conflicts find their way into our lives is of little consequence compared to how well and effectively we can handle or deal with them. The first conflict as we all know happens in heaven, at the beginning of time. A conflict between a certain Angel and his creator.

If an Angel could be said to have been involved in a conflict with its maker, then how much more we, mere humans? This however is no lullaby for getting yourself into awkward situations with your wife. But that being said, here are 4 romantic ways you can apologize to your wife.

1. Help out with the chores

Who says it's a crime to do the chores sometimes? Marriage is a lifetime contract, and making it seem like slavery for either party is never the way to go. Yes, you are the man, and you always will be, nobody is taking your crown. But when you are found guilty of an offense, ensure to take advantage of gestures like this. Every woman likes to be reminded that inside a lion, she has a helpmate.

2. Buy an expensive gift

The importance of luxurious gifts is not just marriage, but any relationship between a man and a woman cannot be overemphasized. When you have come to terms with your shortcomings, how you stepped out of line and wish to apologize, do so by burning some cash on something expensive that she'll like. It could be a necklace, a shoe that she has always been talking about, a designer dress, or even a wristwatch. Whatever the size of your pocket, there's always something you can afford.

3. Admit your fault

The first step to repentance has and will always be a confession. There is no shame in admitting your fault and apologizing to somebody when you have wronged them. Not to mention when that someone is your better half. So put your ego to rest for one night, admit your fault, perhaps promise her that the event would never repeat itself. You won't die. Besides being one of the cheapest ways to apologize to your wife, this particular point may also very easily lead to our fourth point.

4. Lovemaking

Lovemaking is arguably the pillar upon which every successful relationship stands. Regardless of whatever you might have heard, women enjoy lovemaking just as much as men do, if not more. Except she's in that time of the month when she tends to get a little cranky (if you know what I mean), romantically hold your woman and make good love to her. Do so, however, after you must have apologized.

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