Good News:2020 Examiners Receives Their Payments On Tuesday From KNEC After Waiting For Long


After working for two months without receiving the allowances, Examiners have all reasons to celebrate and smile after the Kenya National Examination Council disbursed the remaining allowances to teachers accounts.

2020 marking exercise was very challenging because of Covid 19 infections and the warning that was given by the ministry of health concerning working from home especially for the aged. However, teachers risked and sacrificed their lives for the betterment of our children's future. 

Examiners were expecting an increase in allowances and introduction of risk allowances in their pockets. Unfortunately,this didn't happen as teachers expected. They also received a shocker in life after the KNEC delayed payments for two months making teachers to suffer. This may discourage teachers from participating in the national exercise in future. 

PFN2GYZ4N0 Confirmed.You have received Ksh35000.00 from KNEC on 29/6/21 at 6:30AM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh36000.00.SAFARICOM ONLY CALLS YOU FROM 0722000000. To reverse, forward this message to 456.