Senator Gideon Moi Says BBI Is Now On Half Time (VIDEO)


Senator for Baringo county Gideon Moi has assured Kiambu residents that building bridges initiative bill is still on course. What is being experienced now is half time.

"The county assemblies have done their work on BBI, and also you have heard MPs say when it reaches the national assembly they will do their work. Then half time has come.

Half time is when people will get out and you as the citizens now go in to play your part. This is the time for you now to play the ball. And you have heard that bill will reach all of you at your homes and you will indeed read it.

And the time you will read this bill and ascertain that indeed whatever our leaders have been saying is true, will there be any problem for you pass it? Our work now is to tell you get ready." Gideon Moi speaking in a church service in Kiambu.

Click here to watch the speech of Gideon Moi and other leaders