RIP: How Tom Okwach's Brother Positively Identified His Body

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The body of Tom Okwach, a gold miner who became victim of the Abimbo mines collapse 7 months ago was retrieved today.

According to a report by Citizen TV, Tom's brother is the one who positively identified the body. He said that the identification documents and other items found in the pockets of the clothes belonged to his late brother.

The family wailed in pain after confirming that indeed their kin died in the mine. They had been living in agony. Some months ago, they decried negligence by the government stating that they were forced to sell some of their properties to fuel the excavators since they couldn't give up on ever finding Tom's body.

The retrieval of Tom's body brought the fatalities to 2. A total of 10 miners were inside the mine during the collapse. 8 survived stating that they drank salty waters for the close to 5 days that they were trapped inside. They were supplied with oxygen using a pipe.

Our sincere condolences to the family of Tom Okwach as they prepare for his burial.

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