“This Is Their Plan Not Ending SARS” Reaction As End SARS Protesters Finally Revealed What They want

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Reactions Along with Ending SARS Protesters, 'Their plan is not ending SARS'

Good afternoon everybody who wants you people hope everything is okay, it's not news anymore that the end of the SAR SARS protest is trending all day and all night, as these protestors want SARS to be disbanded by both the federal government and the police service.

The question of this end SARS is now taking us to a different stage, because every day people come from different parts of the world, as people from Edo and the State of Delta initially took the lead in the protest against this end.

People had tweets that ranged from Rude Boy and Phyno to Flavour, etc, and that I can tell if many people will never see them in their lives through this protest.

Though the people in the South continue to protest the end of SARS brutality, the government in the North protests here too, against the issue of banditry, the abduction, Boko Haram and other insurgency matters which, I believe, are better dealt with and protect the life and property of people.

This question if the violence of SARS has been taken to a new stage, which some people felt wasn't for people's good and those who protested against SARS, because they should have stopped for the benefit of people because the SARS people have been dissolved.

The people of the end of SARS protesters eventually disclosed what they really wanted, and it triggered many on-line reactions, as you can see below:

Do you think it's possible to resign President Muhammadu Buhari? See how the people responded to SARS protesters preparing on these ends.

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