"Demons May Slap You Because Of The Way You Use The Name Of Jesus," Frank Edwards Says (details)

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Each time I go on a rally with my church to invite people to attend, I discovered that it seemed as though everyone had a church they attend. To some people, that could translate that everyone is a christian. But that is very untrue. When people are in trouble, whether they believe in Jesus or not, they begin to pray and call on his name with the hope that he would save them, but I am one to believe that Jesus would only save his people, or save someone who he would later reveal himself to.

Frank Edwards has talked about this situation, and he mentioned the story of the 7 sons of Sceva. Remember the story? Some people tried to cast out a demon although they were not born again, and the demon-possessed man attacked them, leaving them wounded and naked.

Frank Edwards, in a message to his followers, advised them not to use the name of Jesus the way the sons of Sceva used it. He said that you have to have a relationship with Jesus first before you can use his name.

Put yourself in Jesus' shoes. Would you want to save an individual, who has repeatedly acted in opposition to you, both in words and actions? Would you want to save a man like Saul, who persecuted christians and made rubbish of your name?

Well, Jesus revealed himself to Saul, who was later known as Paul, and after the revelation, he began to do exploits for Christ. The ways of God are really not our ways. He can save even the most wicked individual.

However, take the advise of the superstar musician. Have a relationship with Jesus first, and then you are free to use his name whenever you want. Be blessed!

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