Check Out The Recently Launched Road Project In Kirinyaga That Will Boost The Agricultural Sector.

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A road is a linear way for the conveyance of traffic that typically has an improved surface for use by vehicles and pedestrians. The primary features of roads include lanes, sidewalks, roadways, medians, shoulders, verges, bike path sand and shared-use paths.

The National government of Kenya recently launched the construction of a 55 km road network. This road will come at a total cost of Ksh 2 billion.

The road will be the longest ever to be tarmacked in Kirinyaga County as the past two constructions were 30 km and 20km respectively.

The multi-billion road network will commence from Piai and snake through Mbiiri, Kiamutugu, Mucagara, Kamweti, Karumandi, Kabuti and end in Kimunye.

The road network will link all the wards in the constituency including; Kabare, Karumandi, Baragwi, Njakiini and Ngariama.The road will facilitate easy movement of people, goods and services.

The project will be completed in three years time and it is set to open up the rural areas and consequently improve the economy.

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