Before you Sleep Tonight, Say These Short Prayers.


-In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy Spirit. Most gracious father, we thank you for your guidance and protection from the beginning of this week till this moment. Be thou exalted in Jesus name.

-Heavenly Father, in the course of carrying out the activities within the week, anywhere we come short of your glory, father forgive us our sins in Jesus name.

-Our Father, we thank you for the successes we recorded this week. We pray, what we couldn't achieve this week, we shall achieve it in the incoming week, in Jesus name.

-Father we cover our families, friends and neighbors in your name. All those perpetrating evil in is the country will not see us. They shall find no peace until the repent from their evil acts, in Jesus name. We declare all that has been lost in this country restored,in Jesus name.

-Father, as we are about to sleep tonight, bless us with a peaceful night rest . Aba Father, shield u from every evil, in Jesus name. We pray no weapons fashion against us shall prosper tonight, in Jesus name.

-Father in your name, we declare all our positive hearts desires granted unto us. We shall sleep and wake up to goodnews that will change our lives for the better, in Jesus name.

Type 'Amen' to these Prayers Before you Go to Bed.