Look At What A Nigerian Man Did That Has Attracted So Much Criticisms From The Public


An educated Nigerian Muslim man holding a PhD by name, Dr Auwal Mustapha Imam, has been lambasted on social media for covering his wife's face in a family pictures he posted on Facebook.

Dr. Iman is said to have displayed the pictures on his Facebook page during the Sallah Holiday and caption it "hate sipish and bashful kwanen"

It appears most of the comments are written in Hausa, but one individual, Mustapha Harruna, reminded him his own biological mother is also another man's wife.

"Why would you show the face of your mom but hide that of your wife? Your mother happens to be another man's wife," he claimed.

Another individual, Aminu Hamza, mentioned "This is not fair"

"Why do you cover some faces with emoji? Is it that the individual is an outcast or perhaps you refuse to buy Abaya? Bukhari Muhammed questioned him

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