“Mkpuru Mmiri”- Here Are Dangers of This Hard Drug And Why Youths Must Be Careful About It

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Methamphetamine, also known as Mkpuru Mmiri in the south-east, is a lethal opioid that is highly addictive and readily available. It is also easy to use. It can be consumed, sniffed, or inhaled. This drug can be used in the clinical care of certain Developmental and Somatic Disorders, but I'm not going to bore you with stories that are unrelated to the topic of this article.

When you see an 18-year-old boy beating up his girlfriend like a hardened criminal, keep this drug in mind as a potential cause of such manic conduct. If you read in the news that a young girl stabbed another person to death over a minor argument, don't be misled into thinking that young ladies don't use illegal drugs.

When you see graphic images of mutilated human bodies attributed to the work of young people in one criminal enterprise or another, it may be due to the use of this stimulant, mkpuru mmiri.

Crystal Meth, a Methamphetamine variant, activates the Central Nervous System and induces inexplicable euphoric states in the consumer. It has also been discovered to be an aphrodisiac and a potential weight loss enhancer.

These have made it quite fanciful for young men who value their physical virility and ladies who would give anything to maintain a slim body. Unfortunately, increased use leads to tolerance and dependency, all of which are hallmarks of drug abuse. The consequences are severe and almost always have long-term consequences.

Some of the side effects of addiction include hyperactivity, manic behaviour, violent sexual tendencies, and many others. STIs, like HIV, have also been linked to crystal meth use, according to research (as a result of the sexual hyperactivity).

Overdoes are also possible, with 200 mg being deemed fatal. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of accurate measurement during consumption on the streets of Onitsha or Owerri.

The prevalence of consumption is extremely high in the South East and Nigeria in general. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see what this means for our youth in the near future. It's terrifying; we live in perilous times. As a result, young people should abstain from using this dangerous substance.

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