Stivo Simple Boy's New Cowboy Outfit as He Prepares To Release Another Hit Song

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Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stivo Simpleboy is arguably the most original artist and social media in Kenya.

The artist, despite rising to fame in 2018 after releasing 'Vijana tuwache Mihadarati' is yet to move out of Kibera slums like other artists who relocate the moment money starts to flow into their accounts.

In an interview, Stivo Simpleboy alleged that it has not been easy for him to make money despite being called to interviews and performing in several shows. This caused a media outcry as netizens blamed the artist's management team for conning him.

Since rising to fame, Stivo Simpleboy has produced some hits including Mapenzi ya pesa, Glory, Tuheshimu ndoa, among others.

Today on 24th November, Stivo posted several photos on his social media alerting his fans to be prepared for another music which he is preparing.

His fans congratulated him for the progress he is making. One of the fans congratulated him for his patience and said that it takes time for one get to his best.

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