Modern Day Slavery? White Man Asked His Black Worker To Carry Him And This Happened (Video)


This generation of Africans grew up to hear the sad tales about slave trades, how our forefathers were taken and sold out to whites from Europe as slaves.

We learnt how Africans were humiliated by their slave masters (whites), forcing them to do some odd things, treating them like animals and subjecting them to all forms of inhumane treatments like putting them in chains, locking them in a cage, making them to work for hours without proper feeding etc.

We thought this generation is free from slave trade but unfortunately, we are in a new forms of slavery known as modern day slavery.

A video is currently going viral on social media of white man, who closed for the day, locked his shop and asked one of his black workers to carry him on a trolley.

Of course you know the black man have no option, immediately the white man got on the trolley, he started pulling him as the white man was enjoying himself. Unfortunately for the white man, his enjoyment was caught short as two black guys who saw everything that happened, told the white man to get down from the trolley, asking him why he is treating his worker like a slave.

The 2 black guys asked him if he can't walk with his legs, and why subjecting his fellow human being to an inhumane treatment?

The white man quickly got down from the trolley, and started walking with his legs.

This is so sad and I think it's high time we Africans, stood up against any forms of discrimination against us as a people.

Watch video here