They Secretly Change It Every Four Years, It Has Remained A Ritual - Captain Smart Boldly Reveals


Captain Smart has boldly stated on his Anopa Bofo show how the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation secretly change Newscasters every four years to suit the agenda of their pay masters.

He explained that whenever there is change of National Hierarchy, GBC changes faces to do the bidding for the elected Office. He made this known on his Anopa Bofo show today on Angel TV this morning.

He said, he is praying for the independence of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation where no unseen hand will manipulate their affairs

 He said unseen hands that influence decision over there tramples on the effectiveness of ghana Broadcasting corporation.

He said that also goes against the freedom of speech of the workers because they feel intimidated. Every little Action you do against your pay masters you are shown the exit.

Captain Smart is a Renowned journalist based in Accra Ghana with many years of experience and followers.


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