Tension as 17 headless bodies are found in Ituri river, DRC.

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It is a shock to many after seventeen bodies had been found beheaded on eastern Democratic republic of Congo.

The 17 bodies have been suspected to be of a rebel group which have terrorising the area with series of massacres and murders.

From a local source, the troops came across the bodies on Ituti river in Ituri province on Thursday evening.

The bodies are still yet unidentified since they have been decomposing making the investigation harder.

"It is difficult to identify the victims because the bodies are decomposing, " a local resident said.

The bodies are believed to be of an islamic terrorising group, Allied Democratic Forces (AFP).

Claims are that the crew are responsible for the May 11 Irumi attack which left 20 civilians at least dead.More than a hundred rebel groups are roaming the area.

The police has taken on the area to try and reduce the tension even as the conflicts of rebel groups still goes on.


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