A massage therapist reveals the best remedy to treat mental illness and High Blood Pressure


An alternative Massage therapist in the Greater Accra Region who is also in charge of Kokor's Massage Center has revealed that, regular massage and exercise is the ultimate measure to prevent mental illness and High blood pressure (HBP).

According to the Massage therapist, People who lacks regular massage are luckily to develop stroke, mental illness or High blood pressure at their old age or younger age.

The massage therapist added that the number of young people developing mental illness in recent times outweighs that of the adults.

She urged the general public to pay attention to alternative massage since it's the Preventive measure of mental illness, stroke, High Blood Pressure and others.

The alternative Massage therapist said this at a call today to join the world to celebrate world High Blood Pressure day. 

Wow! What a good news

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