Opinion: Completion of Nairobi-Mau Summit Highway Shall Be Door For Expansion of Nakuru-Bungoma Road


Technology has brought everything home. Countries in Africa are jumping up as they apply it to bring things into physical manifestation of what people like. The minds of people are eager to come up with things that will help make life easy and beautify their environments . It is never in vain. God made us co-creators and thus we have to.

Kenya can't be locked out. Technology has been seen reining in Infrustructural developments among other sectors towards the promotion of it's economy. Without it, things can't be modernized as they are today.

Oooh, Thank you God for helping us achieve to this greater level. It is really you. Always bless Kenya and other African countries, their leaders and citizens. Amen.

However, we now acknowledge and appreciate the amazing work and many projects that his Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has been able to establish with the support of his government. Many infrustructural development that are now making Kenya look owesome.

Now, let's talk of this wonderful road project that people are always talking of it because of it's anticipated benefits. Nairobi - Mau Summit Highway starts from Rironi (Kiambu county) and ends at Mau Summit (Nakuru County) The projection aims at face-lifting the Old Two Lane into four Lanes that shall be most convenient and able to offer effective services.

However, upon the Completion of this highway the problem of traffic jams seems not to reduce but rather increase. This is because, so many vehicles that shall be moving through the expanded four lanes, will be forced to follow the route of two lanes. This basically mean that starting at Mau Summit following Nakuru- Eldoret Route there might be a lot of traffic jams.

Therefore, this is an opened door for the extension of Nakuru - Eldoret- Webuye - Bungoma Road into Four Lanes as well to help eradicate traffic jams Completely.

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