All Taxes imposed this year should be suspended and will not be applicable this year. - Opinion


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The government of the Republic of Ghana under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo should see into this opinion and suspend all the taxes imposed on Ghanaians in the 2021 national budget. We all know that after the taxes were introduce in the budget, many Ghanaians are complaining on how negatively those taxes are going to affect them and their businesses, in order to better the lives of all Ghanaians, the government must see to it and suspend all the taxes imposed in the national budget.

Also, if we consider the bad effect of the coronavirus and how it has made many people to loss their jobs and how many businesses has collapsed due to how hard it was during the hot period of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be the best option for the government to approve the suspension of the taxes introduced in the 2021 national budget. This will help relieve some financial burden on Ghanaians

The country will be a better place if this opinion is accepted and approved by the government. Do you think the government can suspend all the taxes to relieve some of the burdens on Ghanaians?

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