'Kenyans Must Act Soon' Ndindi Breaths Fire Over Fuel Price Increase

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The fuel increase has elicit Kenyans reactions and some of the leaders as they are not happy about it .

The Kiharu member of parliament has spark reaction to the fuel price increase sating its just benefiting some few families .

According to ndindi nyoro ,he says that this is corrupt and insensitive regime that continuous to take Kenyans for granted by blatantly increasing the cost of living at such a time.

" The prices of petroleum products that literally run our economy are at unpredictable prices -most of which are taxes to meet bretton woods condition ,loans have chocked our economy ,state have captured concentrated all economic gains to two or three families ".

He says that Kenyans must act soon as the transport sector has been pit between rock and a hard place .He mention that this regime must reconsider the recent price adjustments ,and fonts test our patience .

" We are African and Africa is our business".he concluded .

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