Our Next DP? Kenyans Suspect The Mt Kenya Politician Who Will Deputize DP Ruto

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Kenyan politicians are currently engaging their subjects in social media as the August polls draw closer.They are constantly creating an interaction forum where different Kenyans are airing their ideas and views on the next regime to be formed.The big question is mainly on the next Commander in Chief as Do Ruto and Raila seem to have equal chances of winning.

However, none of the top aspirants has mentioned their deputies.Perhaps a big distinction will be seen when the two mention their deputies.

Today, DP Ruto's ally, Rigathi Gachagua posted his photos in a maize plantation.He was joyously revealing how his maize is doing well due to the constant rainfall in his area.

However, kenyans reacted differently to his post.Some kenyans have now suspected that he is going to be selected as the deputy president by William Ruto.However, the current DP has not yet revealed details concerning his choice.

Kindly share your views on whom you think the DP is going to chose as his deputy in his race to presidency.


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