Become a millionaire with simply these 3 things in chicken farming.

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As life gets more tougher, young people should now embrace self employment as the best option to earn a living because of lack of job opportunities.

One of the best source of earning an income is through agribusiness. Many potential farmers have earned a lot from this venture and now they are living their dream life.

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Chicken farming is one of the easiest to rear and manage if indeed you put all your effort there. Today I am going to discuss with you thing you should put in place to become a lucrative chicken farmer.

1. Capital.

Capital is the first thing you should consider when you you want to start chicken farming. Chicken rearing does not need a lot of capital but again it depends on how you want to start. With as little as Ksh. 5000, you are ready to go.

2. Land.

Chicken rearing does not need a big land for you to start. Just a small land with structures is enough for you to begin your way to riches. Also you can lease some land if you don't have one and you can still earn good returns.

3. Security.

Before you start this kind of a business, you should ensure that there is enough security for your chickens. Starting from climatic conditions, diseases and predictors. Always ensure that chicken houses are well ventilated and the compound is well fenced with either bricks or just a chain link..

I hope with the above information, you are now ready to set your mind and start small and grow big. I wish you all the best.

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