University of Ghana cut-off point for their courses


University of Ghana is one of the reputable universities that is regarded as the premier University to be built in Ghana. All rankings that were made concerning the university shows that Legon is the best university in the Ghana. And as such all students endeavour to be admitted into this university. This article is purposefully meant for the annual applicants who apply to be admitted into the university. Before you can be admitted into the university,you must pass or exactly reach the cut-off point as provided by the university. In this article we are going to see the cut off point for each college in the university.

In general before an applicant can gain an admission for a degree program, he or she must have at least credit passes(A1-C6) in English core Mathematics, social studies, science and their relevant elective subjects which makes the total aggregate not to exceed 24 for Science students and 30 for Business and General Arts students.

The university has divided or classified all the courses they offer into four colleges; college of health sciences, college of basic and applied sciences, college of education and college of humanities.

College of Health Science.

Medicine and Dentistry: You must have credit passes in English, Core maths and Science. For the elective, you must have a credit pass in chemistry and two from Physics, Biology and Further Mathematics.

Pharmacy: You must have a credit pass in English, Mathematics and Science and a credit pass in Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics or Further Mathematics.

Radiography/Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy/Medical laboratory/Biomedical: You must have credit passes in English, Mathematics and Science and for the elective, you must have credit passes in Chemistry Physics and either Biology or Further Mathematics.

Nursing: credit pass in English, Maths and Biology and for the elective, you must have credit passes in either Chemistry, Physics and Elective Mathematics or three General Arts electives or two General Arts electives plus Food and Nutrition or any three of the following Electives; Economics, Food and Nutrition, Chemistry and French.

College of Basic And Applied Sciences

Physics, Chemistry and Geophysics: Credit passes in Mathematics, English and Science and for the elective, credit pass in Physics Chemistry and Further Mathematics.

Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial science, Computer Science, Biomathematics or Physics:. Credit passes in English, Maths and Science plus credit passes in Further Mathematics and any other two electives subject.

Earth Science(Geology) : Credit passes in English, Maths and Science plus any credit passes any three elective subjects.

School of Agriculture: Credit pass in English Mathematics and Science plus credit pass in Chemistry and any two of the following; Physics, Biology,Agricultural Science, Geography or Further Mathematics.

School of Engineering: Credits pass in English Mathematics, Integrated Science plus a credit pass in Elective Mathematics and any two of the following Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

College of Humanities

School of Language/ School of Art/ and School of Social Sciences(Economics, Sociology, Geography, History/Archaeology): Applicants must have studied this courses in Senior High School before they can be admitted under this college; Economics, French, English, Geography, Elective Mathematics, French, Literature and Geography.

Business Administration/Law: You must have credits passes in English,Maths and Science or any Social Science subjects plus credit pass in any three elective subjects.