SA Raises their concerns whenever President Cyril Ramaphosa visits Other countries & Fear for this

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Country is struggling with Flu and Cyril Ramaphosa is playing “Coming home to America “

Cyril Ramaphosa is known for making loans whenever he visit another country. South Africans have always said that they get disappointed for his leadership skills and believes that he might have lost interest in helpthis people and now he is just leading the country for the sake of leading it as he is the president.

President Cyril Ramaphosa was in Nigeria few days ago for the ceremony he was invited to in Ivory Coast . According to news, Ramaphosa was received with much pomp and his delegation held difficult conversations in Nigeria where they were confronted about attacks on foreign nationals in SA.

But the gain all this is beside the point, South Africans always gets worried whenever president Cyril Ramaphosa visits other countries as they believe he is either going to make loan or making some sort of mistake in the name of helping South Africa. At this point everyone is always alarming whenever he is away .

South African Economy hasn’t been in a good condition since it first got hit by the Covid-19 , the country tried it best to revive its economy but it will surely take some time before things gets back to its own normality. Ramaphosa has made so many deals outside SA including where he also considered about selling SA trains as well as power stations saying that it will benefit SA in the long run .

So many confusions are still looking on this and citizens are not at ease till today . 

Kindly please share your comments on whether you think all deals president Cyril Ramaphosa is making are good or bad and according to your opinion, what do you think he should do that will benefit South Africa, without putting the country at risk of loosing its own wealth. Don’t forget to like and share the article as well. 

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