Raila Odinga Meets Mount Kenya MPs In Mombasa



The former prime minister had a brief meeting with members of parliament from mountain whom are perceived to be his allies . They are key pillars to Raila Odinga in quest for winning votes from the voter rich region .We have approximately a year to general elections

Politicians are regrouping to make strong teams so that they can face off during the elections with opponents and emerge victorious. The Nasa principals are planning dissolution of Nasa and champion for One Kenya Alliance.

William Ruto has taken advantage of the confusion among Nasa principals who are still looking for their flag bearer . He has highlighted his manifesto and asked citizens to consider him come 2022. Pundits see this as a great opportunity for William Ruto to campaign for himself as his opponents struggle for flag bearer.

On the other side Raila is busy crafting his 2022 political moves. He is currently at the coast doing series of meetings to sell his agenda . Political analyst take 2022 presidential elections as two horse race that is Ruto against Raila

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