How To Make Your Husband Love You More

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The sweet stages in some marriages are usually the first few months, or years. Eventually you might feel like you and your partner no longer excite each other. 

Couples at some point do feel like there's no more magic, spark and romance. It doesn't necessarily mean that you and your partner no longer love each other. It's just what happenes when your other responsibilities take the time you used to invest in your relationship. But if the distance between you and your husband bothers you a whole lot, then I must say that its time to make your husband fall in love with you again. And here are some steps to do that.

1. Cook

There's a saying that, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, so heed my advice. To impress a husband you love so much, cook him something special. Prepare his favourite dish, sit with him, and watch him eat it with delight. It is understandable that he always loves whatever you cook, but the efforts invested in preparing meals speaks volume. You have nothing to worry about if you are a good cook. The aim here is to remind him how much his happiness means to you.

2. Flirt

Remember when the two of you got affiliated, when your days and nights revolved around phone calls and constant texting? Responsibilities have rubbed you off the time you spent on flirting or texting. Think of reliving those moments him? Most times, flirting with him is a small way of bringing back the affection and playfulness that once flowed so easily between you both when you first kicked off. 

3. Plan Date Nights With Him

Married people crave for nothing more than some quality time together, most especially when kids are involved. Make certain that you look for a baby sitter to look after your kids one day, and take the opportunity to plan a date night with your man. It’s very important to make this efforts, so that the two of you can always have time to keep getting to know each other, and to bring the much needed romance back into your relationship.

4. Watch Romantic Movies

Another great idea would be watching a movie together, especially when you noticed he's had a long and stressful day at work, and is looking for a way to relax. As soon as he arrives, eat dinner with him and then, the both of you can watch any movie of your his choice. Watch the movie together with his hand in yours. Dinner and movie can be enjoyed both at home and outdoors. It even provides you with a lot of intimacy and privacy.

5. His interests

Even though you are not interested in football or F1, and he is, it's always nice to learn more about your husband's interests. Whether it's swimming or road trips, whatever his interests are, ask him to show or tell you more about them. Don't be surprised if the two of you eventually end up having a great time that will tighten your bound.

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